Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aunt Deba or known crazy lady up here in Kissimmee, came to visit little miss Mikayla the very first week. While Aunt Deba was up here she kept insisting on getting the perfect little toes picture. I think she finally got one that she liked. Also Mikayla was possing for many pictures that week. I really don't think that she minded at all though. She was too busy sleeping and eating through the pictures. It was very nice of Aunt Deba to take the pictures that she did and we thank her very much!

Mikayla's first couple of days.

Mikayla Nichole was born September 22, and only weighed 4lbs 8oz. She started smiling within the first hour that she was in our arms. With all the struggles that the both of us went through we both came out fighting. We are truly blessed that everything was working the way it should have been. I am looking forward to many more blessed moments with her.